What Is A Shoe Mobile?

 The Concept

The Anderson’s Shoes & Boots Shoe Mobiles are trucks that are specially outfitted with all the top brands of safety shoes and boots. These trucks come right to your job site or place of business and allow your employees to select new shoes or boots in the most convenient way possible. These Mobiles have been an industry standard for years and we are so excited to bring the Anderson’s Shoes & Boots level of knowledge and expertise to a Shoe Mobile near you.

Our Shoe Mobile Service

The Anderson’s Shoes & Boots Mobile service takes pride in offering many of the top-of-the-line safety shoes and boots that we provide in-store. Our mobile service includes top brands and most importantly includes all of the safety features that we provide at our store including:

OSHA-ANSI Approved Safety Boots And Shoes
Slip-Resistant Footwear
Electrical Hazard Footwear
Electrostatic Dissipative Footwear
And More!

We make billing easy with an account structured billing process and printed receipts. This convenient service comes right to you and is a must-have in order to keep your operation productive and running smoothly and safely.

Where Does It Service?

As a hub of industrial manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, and construction the Southeast region of the United States is the best place for our Shoe Mobiles to travel. As an Alabama-based company, we primarily serve our great state, in addition to Georgia and the entire Southeast region. As an entirely mobile shoe service, there is nowhere that we can’t go. Call or contact us today in order to bring our premium products and years of experience right to you.

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