What Makes A Safety Shoe Safe?

Let’s Talk About Safety Shoes

Safety shoes offer a variety of different protections not found in normal everyday footwear. Most often OSHA-approved safety shoes have steel, alloy, or composite toe in order to protect workers on construction sites, or other jobs that contain a significant risk of falling objects or debris. Certain safety shoes do not have a steel toe because they are used by electricians or other workers who may come into contact with electrical currents and cannot use steel toe boots as they conduct electricity.

At Anderson’s Shoes & Boots, we pride ourselves on the immense variety of OSHA-ANSI-approved safety shoes we provide in order to keep our customers protected. The boots and safety shoes we carry are engineered by top brands in order to keep you safe and include such features

Puncture Resistant Insoles
Slip-Resistant Soles
Waterproof And Gore-Tex Membranes To Keep Your Feet Dry
Insulation To Keep Your Feet Warm
Steel And Composite Toes To Keep Your Toes Safe


We are also happy to provide you with all of your safety accessory needs. Anderson Boots and Shoes carries the best selection of safety accessories in Alabama including:

Shoe Care Products
Flash Lights
Safety Glasses

Our sales staff has the experience and knowledge to outfit you with the accessories that you need to keep safe, stylish, and protected while on the job.

Steel Toe Boots Vs Composite Toe Boots

Steel Toe Boots

Steel toe boots are, as the name suggests, work boots that have a steel plate surrounding the toes that protect against falling bricks, lumber, and other
debris they conduct electricity, heat, or cold, Though steel toe boots are a bit heavier, they provide more protection from falling objects as they are less likely to crack under pressure. They also tend to be on the less expensive end of the spectrum and are perfect for maximum protection without breaking the bank.

Anderson Safety Shoes

Compost Toe Boots

Composite toe boots are essentially the same, only differing in that the toe cap is made out of a non-ferrous, elastomeric composite material. The benefits of composite toe boots are that the material does not conduct electricity, heat, or cold, meaning that they are safe for electrical work, and keep your feet at a more consistent temperature. On the downside, they tend to run more expensive depending on the brand and can develop cracks due to their composite nature.

How Will I Know Which Safety Shoe Is Right For Me?

Whether it is slip resistance, toe protection, or non-conductivity, there are many factors that can impact picking the safety shoe that is going to work best for you.
At Anderson’s Shoes & Boots we have been specializing in safety shoes since 1990, and have the experience to provide you with the correct shoe for your job, and your lifestyle.

Our team of knowledgeable friendly salespeople will help you find the right fit for your job. In a world of big-box stores and online shopping, it feels impossible to figure out which safety shoe is right for you. Come experience the difference that a local business provides in helping you pick a shoe that will keep you safe, and be the perfect fit for your life.

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